Oh, and eagle, I read your blog and I'm nto sure of what you're asking for.

Would you treat your brother's girlfriend the same as a girl you were attracted to? Are you nice to any girls? In other words, surely your aloof style is reserved for when you are gaming. What about girls in your social circle? Do you treat ones you are attracted to and ones you are not differently? What about when they are both in your presence at the same time?
I was wondering where you hang out. I am in the East Bay, east of San Francisco, in California. I was just hoping to observe some basics. Thanks.
Both of those are from the same guy. To answer your first email, I am both aloof and funny. It all just depends on how I'm feeling. If I'm not in the mood to be funny, then I'll just be aloof. And if I'm funny, then I'm funny. As for your second email, I am nowhere near San Francisco.

dude(the dude with the mail) that sounds like some f up shit there. i've hear that i've been hurt before story. this is kinda hard to say coz it sucks for guys but just check that shes not one of thoze horny girls that finaly decides she wants to be a princess still be a horny girl at hart and you'll get hurt. hope im wrong. its happend that i've been treated badly and when i bring it to her attention she says i cant treat her like that....if you hear that just walk away man, i've sayd no more so many times